Friday, April 29, 2011

Things I Like

Time to read, even if it is an insight to other worlds of cycling. From BMX to bicycle messenger Bike Snob NYC delves into the heart of all cyclists and finds words to explain why we tick. Your basic history of the bicycle is covered through to culture and conformity but what grabbed my attention was the accurate velo-taxonomy of some of our subsets. Cadel Evans, Hello Kitty, nothing is left untouched in Bike Snob.

New tyres. The excitement of Tubeless, gripping rubber from Onza.

Crank Bros m19. I have been carrying this multi-tool around for almost a year now and have only had to use it in anger a couple of times. The m19 includes more than the essential elements for a mid-ride adjustment and houses itself in a great case, which has enough room for a SRAM Link and some additional dollars. I have found it to be a great multi-tool.

Knog Frog Stobe, fashioned from silicone rubber, simple yet funky, from the outset it looked like not much had changed when I purchased the latest Frog. My old Frogs had seen their fair share of bike time and have been an necessary component for the daily commute and doubled as "back-up" lights for a few 24s. When I spotted Knog's most recent offering I had to give it a go, this time with a red diode. Fundamentally the Frog is the same but it is the little things that have made them even better. Going from a single LED globe to an LED element with a focused reflector means better directed and more efficient lighting. Like many simple LEDs Frogs of old had just flashing and steady modes, the latest offering has three distinct flashing modes and the standard steady. The unique rubber outer can stretch to fit most tube diameters, even abnormally shaped Aluminium alloys and crazy carbon.

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