Friday, October 26, 2012

ADCC ITT "the race of truth"

After the Scott 24 I had a small break, it was called Monday and Monday was filled with shuttle runs to the top of Stromlo. At the top of Stromlo we scootered over to the start of the DH run, with the new top section! We spent the day sessioning sections, introducing the inexperienced to the Stromlo DH course and getting tips off Kona Factory Team rider Sarah Booth. After four or five runs I had seen enough to call it a day and rest up for Tuesday's racing.

Your probably asking, "what?", why did you hear about shuttle runs at Stromlo on Monday? It was the beginning of the week long ADO Cycling Championships. The Champs is run annually by the Australian Defence Cycling Club and this year was hosted by CORC and CCC at Stromlo.


First up it was the test against time, the lone race against the clock. The course started from the Stromlo Crit track turned left at the main road with the turn around point some 8 or so kilometres down the road. It returned on the same road and you would complete the return journey with a 3/4 lap of the Crit track.

The stats from my Bryton tell a partial tale, it seemed like a down hill run to the turn around point then you would climb back out to Stromlo. In actual fact the sense of downhill was obstructed by the head wind that morning and climbing out the wind was an asset. All that was left was for me to leave my legs out on course and make the most of the aero-bike I had acquired.

Trying to get as low, efficient, smooth, fast as possible.
With my aim already squared away, there was a few extra criteria I wanted to for fill. One of which was not to loose time to Cuttsy. Cuttsy and I often train together and it would be nice to keep up with him, even though he had a massive advantage of riding on fresh legs. It was a long bow but I was prepared to attempt it. We were set off at 30 second intervals, Cuttsy was the next rider inline behind me.

I left the protection of the crit track and wound my way up into the headwind. Dropping my head I was clad to find the TT bike had sufficient gears to climb and descend. With the wind in my ears I couldn't hear anyone behind me, all I could do was focus on the rider I was going to catch in front of me.

At the turn around point Cuttsy hadn't caught me, things were looking good but as I turned for the return trip I saw he was so close. At least I had the wind with me on our return trip, he shouldn't be able to pull to much time from me. I kept my head down and peddled all the way back to Stromlo, Cuttsy passing me and getting a slight advantage some 15 seconds in front by the time we finished, a 40 second or so lead from me overall.

At this time I would like to introduce another character, Roger, who like me had a full week of racing planned out. Roger was one of the last to complete the ITT but this didn't stop him laying down a good time. The time was just 7 seconds slower than mine.

Cuttys - 32:36
Crummy - 33:17
Roger - 33:24

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