Monday, February 11, 2013

Ginja Ninja 250

I don’t get enough chances to ride the trails of Orange and when the calendar flashed up with the annual Ginja Ninja 250, I was keen to return.

The 250 minute event is enthusiastically supported by the Central West Off Road Bicycling Club and the Orange community. This makes for a friendly vibe both around transition and on the trail.

Speaking of the trail, a sweet selection of the available Kinross trails were made, keeping everyone happy and hooting through the forest. Winding climbs, marked A and B technical sections and our favourite, fast on-camber traverses and descents. Oh-yeah.

Solo ninja Paul Schroder tussled with Andrew Lloyd during the first few hours but Paul’s super consistency paid dividends and he was able to get out for an extra lap. On the third step on the strong Solo male podium was Olivier Vallee.

There was a close battle in the Solo Female category with the three podium finishers completing seven laps. Kate Haynes built a lead during the later stages to finish before Danielle Pollock and Elise Buriss, second and third respectively.

With just pride (and possibly beers) on the line there were two teams in the male pairs category who were in their own duel. The teams of Bikeminded/Specialized and Vote 1 J. Raymond Miss Universe averaged lap times within two seconds of each other over the four hour ten minute event. It was a great skirmish to watch as both teams had an equally strong rider who went out on the opposing lap. The Bikeminded/Specialized team of Sascha Lotz and Jasen Raymond edged out Brian Price and Albury Hill by a mere 15 seconds, they placed fourth and fifth in Male Pairs.

This close racing, friendliness both on and off the trail, hot food, demo bikes, give-aways, all run on the enjoyable trails of Kinross will continue to make the Ginja Ninja 250 a hit with us all.


  1. Haha... not sure that there was a 'battle'... Maybe a battle with me and my bike, not between other competitors - I had no idea where I was placed the entire race, and the only female I saw was Danielle on the first lap.
    I managed to get within maybe 100m of her but she stayed away... and then I never saw her again!

    1. Yes it wasn't a Battle Royal, but you did all finish on the same lap and that is close in my book. Congrats :)