Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fox Incline Gloves

In 2010 we reviewed Fox's Incline Glove, here were our thoughts. 
"After riding on Troy Lee Designs XC gloves for a couple of years it was time to try out the latest in XC gloves from Fox. The Incline glove is full finger and lightweight, we were immediately skeptical about the durability as the glove didn’t feature a two ply palm. The use of high quality synthetic leather on the palm continues not to shown any wear, it has remained supple and flexible with its suede like texture. Like many other gloves the Inclines feature neat silicon pads on the fingers but the finger panels join right at the fingertip reducing dexterity severely for those fiddly trailside tasks. The best feature of the gloves has to be the soft Terry-Toweling section along the thumb, it is great for soaking sweat from the brow or in my case a runny nose. 3/4 the weight of the tried and true TLD XC, these comfy gloves are mostly suited to XC race and light trail riding."

Move forward to 2013 and we are again wrapping our hands in an Incline Glove. Much like the previous versions the Incline retains its full-finger lightweight nature. A comfortable and flexible back of hand section with the palm moving to two ply. It does seem though that the material in use in this version of the gloves palm is of a lower quality as they are showing some wear over our previous versions.

The Incline glove did feature a silicon print on the fingertips but they quickly wore off through our rigorous use. But the soft absorbent section along the thumb continues to be a hit and we have found that these comfy gloves can handle just about any sort of riding. 

While we have been a little skeptical over the durability of the palm, the gloves have held together through all our riding and are still going well today. The Fox Incline continues to be a nice glove, now lets get out and ride!

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