Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bryton Rider 30 Disassembly

After some recent wet weather and one of the rubber buttons on the Rider 30 wearing through, my Bryton started producing a strange sound and was working intermitantly. Additionally some of the glue had given way with the top cover able to be partially lifted. Given that the product is now out of warrenty and a quick search of the net didn't produce any disassembly instructions, it was time to see inside the Rider 30.

Because the cover had already given a little I used a wide flat bladed tool (butter knife) to prise the cover section. It looks as if the cover was attached using an adhesive along the ridge of the lower body section. This exposed the screen and a little rubber wedge (not shown in picture).

Flipping the screen out of the lower body section exposes the circuit board, three screws hold the circuit  board to the lower body, two on the lower and one on the right 3/4 of the way up (screws not shown). A small jewellers/electricians phillips screwdriver can remove the screws.

Finally flipping the circuit board, use care here as circuit boards shouldn't be directly handled, exposes the empty lower body section. On the backside of the circuit board you can see the battery and connector for your USB cable.

From here I removed all the moisture, removed small amounts of corrosion and gave the circuit board a clean with an evaporative product to leave no residue. I repaired the button using a malleable adhesive and plugged in the USB cable to see if the Bryton would work. Looks like the clean had done the trick. Take care in removing the USB cable at this point as the circuit board is not supported by the lower body section.
Putting the Rider 30 back together is just a reverse of the disassembly instructions, with the addition of applying some adhesive to the lower body section ridge before fitting the cover. Looks like this has worked in this case, good luck.


  1. After a long ride in the rain, the data line stopped working on my unit. The unit still records my ride and charges but is not recognised when plugged into the PC. I tried air drying, hair drying and putting it in a container of rice. I managed to disassemble mine, noting that to take the cover off you are looking to put the blade between the button seal and the top cover starting at the top of the unit. There is no moisture inside that is visible but I will leave this out for a few days and report back.

  2. Good luck, let us know how you go.