Sunday, May 25, 2014

She Rides

We all didn’t start on a bike and not all of us have had that moment when everything clicks together and you go, "yeah riding my bike rocks". Queue She Rides, a twelve-session program custom built to suit their participants, those in need of on-bike confidence and who want to have fun and connect with other women.

Lindy Turnbull, along with Michael Crummy were selected to develop this Cycling Australia pilot riding initiative for mountain biking in their local area with the support of WSMTB.

Week One of She Rides – MTB Western Sydney/Lower Blue Mountains was launched with inspirational words by Member for Blue Mountains Roza Sage and WSMTB Committee Member Ray Rice. Kath Bicknell from Flow Mountain Bike Magazine dropped by emanating encouragement and enthusiasm for all women on bikes and with everyone rolling away from week one with huge smiles it is a positive sign of things to come.

Blackman Bicycles joined the team for Week Two with everyone getting their hands dirty removing wheels, putting on dropped chains and learning how to fix a flat tyre amongst their She Rides – MTB friends.

From what we have seen so far the participants are enjoying the positive and supportive environment in which the She Rides – MTB Western Sydney/Lower Blue Mountains team are delivering their program. With ten more weeks to deliver there looks to be plenty more fun to be had and hopefully soon that connection will be make where nothing makes her feel like riding does.

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