Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting Ready for 12hrs Solo

For WEMBO (24hrs Solo) last year we had a couple of bikes setup nice. In particular this week it is all about our hardtail, the On One Inbred. We have been on this bike for over a year now and it runs so well over a variety of terrain.

The WEMBO On One looked like,
  • Conti rubber - X-King on front with Race King on the back. We have had mixed experiences with Conti tyres, their UST versions were great and the Protection models good but unfortunately the sidewall and sidewall to bead areas of the base race models just couldn't stand the test of time.
  • Wheelset by Curve Cycling. It was a shame we couldn't hold onto these beauties. 
  • X-Fusion Slide forks. Still going strong.
  • ODI Ruffian grips. Showing all the k's they have done.
  • Gearing, a classic 3x9 SRAM XO.

Very soon it is the JetBlack 12hr at James Estate and time well due for an On One spruce up.
First it was the ODI grips, after all the k's and weather they have been through, the lock on had rusted up. Removal meant, torque sheering one attaching bolt and the other having the head drilled off.

In place of the ODI grips are a set of silicon foam grips as tested and highly rated on our other bike.

The Contis are off and in their place tubeless ready Racing Ralphs by Schwalbe. Which so far have been very reliable on our other bike.

In keeping with the fat carbon rim idea from Curve Cycling we recycled an old set of DT Swiss 240s custom built within their own fat carbon hoops.

Last of all, we ditched the 9 speed XO derailleur for a 10 speed type 2 clutch mech. Our engineering department took just 30 minutes to convert the type 2 mech to 9 speed and have it workshop tested.
We won't call  it pretty, but amazingly after 100km of on trail testing, faultless. The clutch roller bearing works a treat too!

On the trail near you soon.

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