Monday, January 19, 2015

WSMTB Twilight 4hr

Some pretty warm days lead up to WSMTB's twilight round of their 4hr Summer Series. Rolling up to the foot of the Blue Mountains on the afternoon of the race and the temperature was still in the mid thirties, it was going to be a classic hot and dry Yellomundee race.

Just over 100 riders made up the teams and solos, mostly of WSMTB regulars. Club President BigDog led the starting riders to the fire-trail start chute and got the 4hr underway, then jumped on his bike to get his own race underway.

A good couple of weeks on the bike over the festive season seemed to have done wonders and our race was going well. Climbs weren't taxing and it was easy to get some flow in the fast dry conditions.

Photo: Riding Focus
Only issue was our bottle holder was working loose, we should have work out earlier why our bike was making such a racket. This slowed us down when we to remove the holder and make room for the bottle in our jersey pocket. Back on track and slowly the days temperature was dropping and lights were about to be turned on.

Up till when we stopped to remove the super loose bottle holder we had been keeping up with a couple of pairs teams, it was good pacing and company. On what might have been our last lap we trundled around and stopped to chat just before the 4hr hour in transition. We passed the results on our way to pack up and was shocked to find our name near the top of the list.

Whoops! Probably better head out for that final lap.

Thanks to the WSMTB Club for putting on a great event with a casual vibe and fast competition. 
A big shout out to JetBlack MTB Racing team and our 2015 sponsors, we managed a 1st and 3rd in the Solo Male category.

The results are available here.

L to R: CrummyMTB 3rd, Andrew Finlayson 1st, Tim Bartholomew 3nd.

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