Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankfully Thursday

Thursday was scheduled for XC and this was much more down my ally. We always have some great XC riders turn up and this year was no exception. The main question on everyones lips though was, which trails were we going to ride? In the dying hours of the Scott 24, only 4 days ago, there were a few trails that had been turned into muddy messes.

Thankfully for the last four days the weather had been fine and sunny, drying all the muddy sections and the trails were dry and fast. Race organisers had created a shortened loop using mostly sections from the Scott 24's Blue Lap. The Elite Men category would complete five 7km laps.

Jarrod Hughes, recent winner of the Rocky Trail GP 4hr at Ourimbah, lead out the pack at an unbelievable pace. No one could match his speed and it was a fight for the minor placings.

I had a great ride, although still fatigued from the recent racing, managing to slot myself in a decent position before the singletrack on the first lap. This ment less overtaking and less time to make up mid race. While the faster XC guys had made a good gap there was still a few of us further back making a race of in in our own little way.

Crummy - (ITT)00:33:17 (DH)00:03:01 (XC)1:48:20 - 2:24:38
Roger - (ITT)00:33:24 (DH)00:03:14 (XC)1:54:26 - 2:31:04

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