Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Crit

Before the afternoons Crits and while still in Canberra, we had the chance to visit the AIS. It was an opportunity to receive their athlete recovery briefing and get our recovery questions answered by the AIS recovery staff. It was an informative session and re-enforced the basic principals of recovery.

While we had a large group there it was a chance to participate in a study. This group was randomly divided into two separate groups, one being monitored during a cold pool immersion and subsequent period after the immersion, the other group had a warm pool immersion. You can probably guess which random group I was selected for.

After standing in the sun for half an hour in an attempt to warm up, we headed off on a quick tour of some of the facilities with one of the AIS athletes. 

The afternoons Crit had not only involved ADCC members but also those from the local clubs. This stepped it up a notch as we weren't just competing against our own ADCC members, it was most likely the other clubs rode Crit regularly and this was their home turf. From the outset the tempo was high and there was no shelter from the wind on the open track.

It didn't take long, gaps were opening up and there were people falling off the back of the bunch. I just couldn't get the shelter I needed to maintain the pace and I was out the back, like a handful of others. Here we go again, I was back to TT myself around the track, through the remaining time. It seemed like my second TT in as many days.

Yeah a corner!

Looks fun doesn't it?

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