Thursday, January 24, 2013

What do you take on an all day epic?

Handy side pockets are stuffed with muesli bars or favourite on-the-bike food.

Early starts means setting out with lights fitted, attached the saxon capped Ay-Ups to the backpack via the helmet clip, the battery along with any extra food and hydration supplementation is stored in the large elastic pouch.

Hydration reservoir, hand pump, dry bag containing a light rain jacket, and a mini first aid kit. 

Tube repair kit which also contains a side wall sticker, a plastic Australian domination and a Presta to Shrader converter. Tyre levers, CO2 canister, extra tube and multi tool, within the multi tool case is a spare chain link.

Mobile Phone and EPURB or PLB.

Other items you might include: a small bottle of chain lube, spare spoke and derailleur hanger

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