Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Finding fun at Mt Annan

I've previously described Mt Annan, I've been crushed by Mt Annan, succeeded at Mt Annan and finally, found peace with Mt Annan. This is story is probably familiar with many, going through their own Mt Annan cycle. One particular character springs to mind who has gone through his own Mt Annan cycle and set the scene so eloquently, the highs, the lows.

Photo: JetBlack
 Hour 1&2: This is usually a blinder of an hour or so, but it all began with a comfortable start, squeezing into about the 4th row. Even with extended fire trail sections the event organisers are adding to the start, it is so easy to get caught out by someones mistake or tentativeness, ending in a nice conga-line single-track.
It all seemed to work in fine and once in the single-track I was surprised to find myself behind James "Chops" Lamb, this was the start of a relationship for this event as I don't believe I was ever in front, but seemed to find my way on occasion back onto Chops' back wheel.
With the relative success of my 9er On-One hard-tail on some of our rough trails (Yellomundee & Ourimbah) I hoped the bike would sit well on this lumpy but-at-times flowing trail. Additionally the climbs are short and pinchy, which I think suits this bike more.
But it isn't all about the bike or the trail. More about sharing hoots with other riders, being introduced to a faster or smoother line by locals and defiantly duel slaloming with anyone down the back grass section. Yahoo!

Photo: JetBlack
 Hour 3: Was the turning point, having pushed and pushed, testing the dry conditions on the sunny side and the damp conditions on the shady side of the hills, I finally found the corner. Following Flow's Craig Baylis through the sweeping berms of the shady side, when traction finally gave way to bar-digging and sliding. Digging it!

Photo: MIA - Browny
Hour 4: I had worked out that there would be three laps to complete the race and I was feeling pretty good. It was time to polish off what had been so far a good ride. I had found my flow at Mt Annan using a 9er Hard-tail, fun was around every corner.

Bike: On-One Inbred (XO geared), X-Fusion Slide fork, custom carbon rim wheels, XT Ice-tech brakes.
Nutrition: Carman's Bars and on trial, Shotz Gels.

Check out the sweet shots and tidy wrap-up by The Roost Mag. Video. Team Wrap.

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