Thursday, March 20, 2014

Product Review - Specialized Fast Trak Control Tyres

Words by: Belinda Althaus

Nothing can get up your nose than an unresponsive tyre, or one that feels like it wants to run away from you.  Most importantly for me when I’m riding or racing is to feel in control, to know that my tyre is contacting the ground with maximum traction but minimal rolling resistance.  The trails I ride are fast, fairly compact and therefore I want a tyre that has a relative all-over tread pattern. 

Specialized Fast Trak tyres provide just that with two smaller knobs down the middle, along with 2 moderate knobs each side along the outer edges. The direction of the knobs also plays an integral part to providing better traction when needed, with a more direct 90 degree wall on the braking side and a sloping wall on the rear to allow smooth rolling, and little resistance.  The slightly larger side knobs provide substantial traction on smooth hard packed surfaces but are also ready to step up to the plate when trails turn a little loose or sandy.  

These tyres are great competitive XC tyres which are built and designed for the fast-paced rider.  They come 2Bliss ready (tubeless compatible), in various tyre widths and if your weight conscious, the S-Works Fast Trak is available for 60g less.  Key differences between the two is a lighter tyre, however this is a trade off with a lighter rubber and therefore less puncture resistance.  How do I run them you ask?  S-Works Fast Trak on the front, less weight where it’s not as subjected to the brunts of the rear, and Fast Trak Control on the rear where we want all the protection. 

Putting the tyres to the test. Photo: CrummyMTB
Keep in mind, Specialized offers a 90-day replacement guarantee on all their tyres.  If you’re not happy with the tyre, you can return it no questions asked.

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