Sunday, September 21, 2014

Grand Prix Stromlo

Tar start. Photo:Sonter
It is that time of year when the Rocky Trail Shimano Grand Prix visits Canberra and the trails of Stromlo. Every opportunity we get to ride Stromlo gets us excited, from the 24s to the DH runs. And so it was we work our was through the recent roadworks at the foot of Stromlo pulling up with plenty of time to prepare for another instalment of the GP4.

Photo: CrummyMTB
Rocky Trail picked the same trails for us to ride as last year, with a good series of climbs and descents, making the use of just a small section of the mountain. Dry hard-packed trails and exposed rocks throughout the technical sections saw us choose the Pivot 429 for its more comfortable ride. There were a couple of changes from last year, a loop of the bitumen crit track as part of the start lessening the initial conga and finally, electronic timing.

A quick review of lap times and of the riders we finished between we were the worst starters. Lap 7 saw us sit back easy behind a couple of 7hr solos on the climb, giving a couple of minutes to our previously consistent times and on lap 8 we were joined by a team-mate, probably taking it to easy on the descent.

A fun GP4, a great bunch of riders. Thanks to the team for their support. Another rocking event.

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