Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wylde STM/Evocities Round

After WSMTB held the first ever mountain bike event at Wylde there was much anticipation of the second event. This second event would be the STM Round by Chocolate Foot, which also made part of the Evocities Series, drawing riders from as far as Port Mcquarie, Dubbo and Canberra.

Wylde last year at a trail ride day. Photo: CrummyMTB
We were surprised to see a whole bunch of fast names in the 4hr categories considering there was the lure of cash up for grabs in the 7hr. This included Giant rider Jon Odams, who lead the first lap and put pressure on the fast riders to keep up.
Start to the event with Jon Odams leading it out. Photo: CrummyMTB
A little further back we were ticking along and keeping en eye on our competitors through the winding trail. You could see the 30 second and minute gap riders ahead and behind, it was nice to slowly reel those who had a faster first lap over the remaining three and a half hours of racing.

Back a little further we kick off our race.
Were pretty happy to see we had reach a top 5 position within the category on viewing the results. Especially considering the strength of competition on the day, and the fact the weather didn't make as big impression as the WSMTB 4hr round.

Thanks to the JetBlack MTB Racing team and all our sponsors for their ongoing support. For this outing at Wylde we rode our Pivot 429 in a 1x10 setup with X-Fusion forks by DIY MTB

Catch you all next race! 

Team mate Phil Welch's blog.

Results from the event.

Video courtesy of Chocolate Foot.

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