Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Winter's Edge XC, Evocities MTB Series

CrummyMTB sandwiched between the SS crew. Photo: Fairfax Media
 Looking up the hill from the transition area, just outside Bathurst town centre, you could see plenty of thought had been put into etching out the trails. But what resounded immediately after the splendid trail wonder was the cold, cutting through layers of warm clothing like a knife.

Out on trail, the course flowed, many of the ascents followed the contour lines effortlessly. It was complemented with plenty of pay-off in rollers and berms that would see you smiling through to the limited grinds.

There were risks. A few jumps, a rock garden and man-made obstacles that certainly kept your mind sharp, the rewards were hardly a few seconds but if strung together could add up over time.

Race started well and there was a bit of time spent pacing with David Speering from Canberra. There were three of us at the time, as the photo above depicts, David on the front, Steve from the Blue Mountains on the back, both making it look easy on SS.

On the third and fourth lap, now having sussed out the general lines available the trio broke apart as we made the most of the top descent and our other favourite bits of trail. It was probably the next major climb Steve returned to my wheel and we rode together, having a blast on the fun trail.

At 2.5hrs in to the 4hr event it all started to slide a little, the grinding climbs seemed to get steeper as power faded from our legs. We had to let Steve go, there just wasn't the same on-trail pace.

On our final lap for our race we were dropping time rapidly and the cold was cutting through our body painfully. It seems we had spent our energy early and also in trying to keep warm. An unfortunate winter reminder.

Bathurst mountain bike trail, super fun and conveniently located. The Winter's Edge event a great addition to the Evocities Series.

Thanks to the JetBlack MTB Racing team and all our sponsors for their support. For this outing we rode our Pivot 429 Alloy in a (32t) 1x10 setup, X-Fusion Trace by DIY MTB working superbly. Smith Custom built wheels with the test Michelin Wild Race'r tyre on the back and Nobbly Nic on the front.
Catch you all next race! 

Race Results here.

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There was plenty of fun descending to be had on this newly built trail. Photo: Fairfax Media

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