Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WSMTB CX Round 1

A super fast launch for Open Bike to chase B Grade. Photo: Reynolds
WSMTB launch into the CX scene with Round 1 of their 2015 series held at the International Regatta Centre, Penrith. There was fun racing for the kids, then B Grade CX and Open Bike (mountain bike) which we competed in, followed by A Grade. It was a busy weekend for CX in Sydney with a "double-header", MWCC CX on Saturday and then WSMTB's CX on the Sunday. Plenty of room for more cowbell!

It takes a fair bit of work to pass through the twisty section of course. Photo: Reynolds
The course was basically around one of the small lakes followed by some corners, hurdles and mud. At 35mins of racing for Opens and B Grade you can ride on the limit for the whole time, in this instance it was about 10mins a lap for the front runners.

One of the mud pits. Photo: Reynolds
As our first real foray into CX we were pleased with our result, claiming a top 3 spot after a punishing 40mins of threshold HR. We rode our Pivot 429 Alloy, which was way to much bike but fun all the same. Setup remained standard for XC and endurance events, we might pick another bike for next time.
Fuel was provided by High5 Energy Source in the hour before the event.
See you at the next event!

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