Thursday, March 10, 2016

Toasted with Glenrock Flow and Fire-trail.

Race Start. Photo: OuterImage
It was with much excitement that we were going to Newcastle to ride the Glenrock trails. These trails are synonymous for flow and its beachside setting, and we were yet to experience this location.
Conga line fun. Photo: CrummyMTB
Spot of the day, views of the ocean and a slight sea breeze.

The Rocky Trail road-show was in town for the first round of the Grand Prix, there was fireworks and a carnival-like atmosphere on the street on Friday night. We had a sneak peek during the evening at the rider list, spotting plenty of familiar names; our age group was heavy with fast-hitters.

We arrived at the race transition area early, a large crowd was expected with the event being booked solid. A quick reccy confirmed some of Glenrock’s flow but there was some apprehension at the sight of a couple of the firetrails.

A few laps in and the conga-line of riders had started to thin out; we were able sit in a more comfortable general position within the race. This was gauged by reaching the back wheel of some close competitors from last year.

There were massive amounts of time to be made on the climbs if you were willing to put in the extra effort. Some of the climbs were so steep though they had us gnashing on our bar and popping wheelies. The extra big ring by converting to 11spd last month saw plenty of use.

When we weren’t firetrail climbing the Glenrock trail was mostly narrow singletrack, much of this was the well spoken about flow, winding its way through the lush coastal greenery. It was fast, dry and increasingly dusty. There were sections that had technical challenges with some great fast lines if you could get a clear unheeded run at them. Dial in the #Enduro rider within.

Massive thanks to JetBlack MTB Racing team, their support makes my ride.  The team sponsors, particularly JetBlack Products and Lifestyle and Leisure. Special mention to the Reynolds’, who handled most of my bottles for the day. Ascent Cycling Enterprises continue to keep my custom built wheels in top shape.

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