Monday, April 18, 2016

A magic corner, Singleton.

Photo by Cat Sturrock
Singleton is well know for it's mining industry, but what is less known about is the 10km of corners sweeping the hillside just outside of town. These corners were host to the second round of Rocky Trail's Shimano Grand Prix and all the #RockyTrailRacers were in for a treat.

Look ma, one hand. Photo by Cat Sturrock

Once the starting whistle was blown we shot down a short open paddock onto the course and into the singletrack. The singletrack swept its way, corner after corner, through the sparse bush landscape. With no major hill and hardly a climb all you wanted to do was ride it faster, connecting corner to corner.

After some conga-line antics during the first lap we found some space, opened the throttle and it was super fun. From there we caught up to a reliable character, Jamie Vogele, who was back on the bike after WEMBO NZ. We had a couple of consistent laps and were joined by Elvio Fernandes.

Elvio tightly hugs a CrummyMTB wheel. Photo by Cat Sturrock

We made a break from Jamie at the crest midway through the course and make a fast winding descent. Some time after this something started to feel wrong and there wasn't much power through our left leg. Elvio seemed to sprint away and there just didn't seem like much could be done about it. Then it felt worse, around the hip. Quick mental calculations still put the finish two laps away.

Rollovers were the obstacles of the day. Photo by Cat Sturrock

Thankfully the course was relatively flat and momentum could be maintained, we knuckled down and pushed through the remaining laps. Jamie eventually caught us again and we passed through transition with one minute to the cutoff. There aren't many times we don't go back out in this situation but with the discomfort of the last hour or so we made the choice to concede a placing or two. 

Awesome trails crafted by the Singleton mountain biking crew, just off the highway the trails worth a look with the whole family.

Massive thanks to JetBlack MTB Racing team, their support makes my ride.  The team sponsors, particularly JetBlack Products and Lifestyle and Leisure. Ascent Cycling Enterprises continue to keep my custom built wheels in top shape.

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