Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Flow Rollercoaster Thredbo

What isn't to love, chairlifts to the top of the hill. There was endless practise runs before the afternoons competition timed runs.
The Flow-down trail winds it way across the slopes, sweet berm followed by another and another. The trail crossed the DH trail just once.

Looking up towards Eagles Nest, Conti racing tread worked well in the dry.
There was minimal technical riding on the Flow-down trail. An added benefit, it was all gravity fed, no peddling needed. 
It was easy to relax and recover on the 12 minute chairlift ride back to the top. The views across the valley are spectacular.  Cheer on your mates as they ride down.
Berms were wide and endless, from one switchback into another.  Ride with your mates or get a section of trail by yourself.
Evidence of a fun filled day, this was from practicing on the renown DH trail of Thredbo.

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