Monday, April 29, 2013

X-Fusion's Slide RL2 29er

Having run an X-Fusion’s 26-27.5” Velvet fork for quite a few years, enjoyed their smooth performance and value for money pricing, it was time to move on. You guessed it, the move was into the world of 29” wheels and we were keen to put X-Fusion's bigger wheel fork to the test.

96ers will never take off ;)
Initially the Slide RL2 29 was run at 80mm travel and hung from a 26” carbon cross-country dually frame, matched with a super wide 29” enduro rim and tyre. During this period the fork worked well, it was pummelled through rough single-track on it was to a enduro podium, a very nice way to introduce the 96 concept.

It was then the rider who was outside his limits when introduced to the 2013 Gravity Enduro Series. The Slide soaked up the big hits of the DH trail and the extra beef of the fork helped with the steering ability, no noodle here.

No where to go but over the back
The travel was extended to 100mm for further testing before the fork finally found its way onto a 29” HT steel frame, where it has matched nicely, compliant, but still lets you know your connected to the trail. This workable connection lead to PBs on one of our favourite trails.

Smooth function sees smooth riding
While there is a bit of extra weight in X-Fusion forks, they shouldn’t be compared to a RockShox SID… And they aren’t as plush and externally adjustable as the best Fox fork… But what we have here is a fork with a simple notched-feel lock-out, that has a nice controlled rate and no harsh bottoming out when adjusted to the appropriate air pressure using the chart on the back of the fork leg.

Not resting on our laurels, the fork as a couple more adjustments we would like to try before we will be satisfied all bases have been covered. So far the fork has worked faultlessly, which brings me back to the second point, they fit the bill for slider value too.

Integrated brake boss, brake hose clip, Lock-out, rebound, internally adjustable travel, choose between QR & X-15, tapered or straight.
X-Fusion forks and their other products, shocks and dropper-posts are distributed by DIY-MTB. Ask at your local bike shop or visit DIY-MTB.

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