Monday, May 20, 2013

Alice Wrap

Have you been bitten by Alice ?

The Ingkerreke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro is one to put on the bucket list. Recommend either as a racing week or a fun enjoyable riding week.

The format of short duration races centred based around Alice Springs allows you to enjoy the fantastic trails that surround the town, whilst still being able to sleep in your choice of accommodation every night. Highly advised you go with a bunch of mates, stay in a self-contained apartment, flexible and cheap.

The race has a wide appeal, evidenced by the large number of repeat entrants and the wide distribution of abilities.  At the pointy end of the field it is a very intense affair but really all you need is a reasonable skill/fitness level on the bike. Like any week long event there were a few spills with some broken ribs and plenty of riders over the bars, which make for good story telling.

Hard-tail or dually? Just bring you favourite bike as tyre selection and pressures are probably more critical. Then again, some people had all the trouble and others had none at all. Go prepared anyway, good/new tyres, sealant, tubes etc.

The single track is extensive and fantastic; there has clearly been a lot of good work done over the years by Alice mountain bikers. Great mountain bike tracks amongst some incredible scenery. Just remember to look up and around as it is an unbelievable part of the country.


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