Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project 9er the On-One Inbred

Labelled, Inbred
The ‘non-sliding dropout’ Inbred frame is the geared version of the original On-One single-speed. Their well-proven steel tubing has a large diameter top tube with reinforcing plates above and below to the head tube. The multi-pipe seat-stay arrangement and thin rear stays gives plenty of room, even with 2.2in tyres.

Not quite a fatbike.
Steel framed bikes tend to appeal those experienced riders looking to create a cult bike. They can provoke plenty of conversation too.

The anchored frame feel underpins its steamroller poise, rolling over and grind up just about anything. The bike surprised us by even feeling composed on technical descents. It has a spring and absorption that pays back precise and reliable lines.
You get ISCG (International Standard Chain Guide) mounts for going 1x up front, and the gear cabling will use full-length outers clamped under the top tube. Bottom bracket, seat post and headset tubes are all very standard: 68mm English, 27.2 seat post, 1 1/8" headset.

Massive amounts of clearance.
Rather than a skinny whippet bike, the Inbred 9er has been built as a dependable blue heeler of a bike with a sturdy feel.

Reliable XO.
A reliable mix of SRAM/Truvanti drive-train matched with a flat, wide Truvativ carbon bars and 80mm stem.

Unique looking rear stays and neat rack mounts.
Fat Conti Race King tyres wrap a custom carbon/240 wheelset, which make it an easy ride on just about every surface. They see the bike accelerate easily and stop on a dime.

Stopping power beyond belief.
 The latest XT brakes are high on power and we had no problems stopping quickly, we know this because these brakes are used across the spectrum of MTBing.

Colour matching?
 Back on the frame, it has the potential to go through a variety of different configurations, while at the moment it is a 3x9 suspension forked XC/Enduro all-day bike, there is potential to visit rigid, 1X9, CX and commuter/trekker. Countless off-road adventures will be had, as this is the bike we ride for weeks at a time. There is even rack-mounts for those extended adventures and if this frame were to ever break, you could easily get it repaired by a local welder (unlike titanium, your uber light carbon or aluminum frames).
Steel tubing, nice.

Ok, so this isn't a light frame and it isn’t an ultra light race bike, but that is a good thing, because thankfully it doesn't look like one. The geometry is more all-around than aggressive cross-country, so everybody can appreciate the ride for just about all styles of riding.

Well matched compliance.
Just because this frame is relatively inexpensive, it doesn't mean it is cheap. The welds are solid, the geometry sound and the overall look and simple graphics are pleasing to the eye. A neat frame to build a package you want.

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