Monday, May 20, 2013

Steve's ICME ITT

Steve’s Stage 5, the race of truth and a 23km individual time trial.
Being his first time trial and to do it on a mountain bike; Steve absolutely loved it.
Currently 3rd in Vets GC, the 4th place rider was out on the trail before Steve and looking very much like a rabbit to chase down. He was out of the blocks, pulling on the big ring to chase down his rabbit.  Way cool.
The course consisted of 4km of fire-trail at either end, with a little more fire-trail in the middle. The rest was gorgeous flowing single track. It took Steve about 20 lung busting minutes to catch 4th place, then they both worked together to try and put some time into their competitors. As they busted out of the single-track, they sprinted to the finish line, collapsing as they passed over it.  “What an awesome experience!  I finished 4th in vets, 10 secs behind 2nd place, so it was very close on the leader board, (time) to prepare for tonight’s stage.”

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