Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ultra Enduro - 24 Solo

What does it take? Where does this drive to ride for extended periods of time, pushing your body and mind to its limits. I pose this question to myself while out on a solo 100km training ride.

It comes from being surrounded by supportive friends. The drive comes from seeing others achieve the goal and seeing how far they went to prepare. Participating along side some of the finest local athletes we have to offer, then seeing them step into the international arena, tearing it up as they go.

The surprises you have along the way, when your out training 50km from civilisation, on a miserable day and come across a bunch of mates out for a hack on the fire-trail, all smiles and laughter. Forgetting about those lonely dark hours mid-race, following a couple of spots of light around the trail, after you introduce night-riding to others and their faces are lit with delight from the experience.

These are the sorts of things I remind myself of, the accomplishment, satisfaction and experiences of getting there. The journey.

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