Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eleven Speed Oh?

A 94-millimeter bolt circle forged aluminium X-Sync crank, the sweetness.
After the release of SRAM’s XX1, eleven-speed drive-train, it has taken a little while for any sneak previews of the expected trickle-down of the X-Sync system. But expect to see this trickle-down on 2014 season bikes with a second-tier eleven-speed system, yes a lower price variant of XX1, conveniently called X01. Most recently X01 has been spotted at a product launch in France. 

While this will be a more affordable version of XX1, saved some anticipation for the X9 variant, which will show SRAM has figured out how to produce a "on-every-bike" value priced product. Expect to hear more from SRAM later in the year and can’t wait to see X01 on especially on 650B enduro bikes in Australia soon.
Trickle-down with the same zero-slant parallelogram
and Type-2 clutch system, yum.

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