Friday, February 21, 2014

Product Review - Lezyne Trigger Speed Drive Co2 Inflator - Belinda Althaus

I have had this little piece of kit for a few months now, but up till this point I haven’t had a chance to use it in a race scenario where time is crucial.  I have my MTB tyres set up as tubeless and although I always take one spare tube on a race, I prefer not o have to use it.  During the recent Ginja Ninja 250 MTB race in Orange , I found my front wheel was falling from underneath me and steering was becoming difficult and unco-ordinated, not to mention the wet and muddy track which wasn’t helping.  I pulled over and decided to test out the tubeless capabilities and the Lezyne Trigger Speed Drive ; I was trying to avoid putting in a tube in these conditions….
With a quick screw in of the canister onto the inflator, the inflator slides straight onto the valve with no other attachment required.  From here the adaptor is compressed and the tyres are quickly inflated.  This whole process took about a minute. Absolutely brilliant, particularly combined with the tubeless tyres.  In addition the Inflator takes both threaded Lezyne and specialized canisters of both 16g and 25g for road/mtb tyres, and I could imagine other brands to.  This particular model services presta valves only, however other models are available which are compatible with schrader valves.  If time is crucial to you, these are a must for your back pocket.  Lightweight and small, these little beauties won’t break the budget. details the other products available in the range, as well as spare parts.

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