Wednesday, February 26, 2014


After the Ay-Up Dusk till Dawn I was keen to follow up with a shorter event and continue to include some night riding. WSMTB’s final round of their Summer Series would fit well to the brief, 4hrs of twilight racing at Yellomundee.
A fast start saw me slip through the pack and Big Dog, as a spectator, had me under pressure to clear the climb out of Max’s Bridge. Don’t be the first to falter! A lap later I found my comfortable pace, easing back on the jets and keeping team mate Phil Welsh company.

Josh leads me on the initial sections of the first lap. Photo: Cuttsnake
Phil’s race report describes our race neatly.

"The... green and black jersey, belonged to Michael Crummy, and catching and passing my rival from last week, was to prove a far more difficult proposition. For the next eight laps, we were to exchange the leading position frequently. Crummy is a far superior descender and this would, therefore, require me to expend surplus energy on the flatter sections and the climbs. The friendly battle meant the first three hours were to pass almost unnoticed."

Phil is nowhere to be seen. Photo: Cuttsnake
It was a great evening of racing and the Yellomundee course was bedding-in nicely, after the recent rain had washed sand through many of the corners. Good to see a heap of competitive racing and plenty of prizes by the sponsors for those that excelled in their catagories. Thanks the RFS for the post race nutrition and WSMTB for putting on another smooth event.

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